--B. Kiranmayi

I have joined as a meditation patient in the "Meditation Health Clinic" on 5-12-2004.

For the past ten years, I have been experiencing a life full of tension. I used to faint every now and then. I was nervously and weak. Some fear always lingered making me feel tremendously insecure.

Adding to these, I had many interpersonal problems with my husband; we faced acute financial problems too. All these gave me the feeling that life was a waste. It was in such circumstances that I joined the "Meditation Health Clinic" at Gajuwaka and learnt meditation.

Within a short span of two months I learnt what life truly was ! I meditated regularly, and attended the Health Science Classes given by… Dr. Gopala Krishna and other GPM's and took counseling from Dr.
G.K., GPM Ramana and GPM Vijaya… and followed sincerely the advices given by all. I recovered very fast with their help.

I got rid of all my physical and mental problems and I also gained a lot of spiritual knowledge. My life style and my thinking style are totally changed by the experiences I am presently getting through my meditation.

To my amazement, I started teaching meditation, too, to others !

My husband, too, is a changed man now. He is also meditating. Now I am very happy and I am leading a peaceful and contented life.

I thank all the Grand Pyramid Masters. I am so grateful to them… because I could get rid of a ten year old miserable life and I am now able to lead a peaceful life… all with just two months of guidance.

15th March, 2003

--Gayatri Devi

I am 35 yeas old. I have been suffering from severe back problem for the past thirteen years. I have visited several doctors and took lot of different types of medicines. I used to get severe pain in the nerves of my left leg. I could not stand, sit, or walk for long periods of time. About a year ago I got severe pain in the back and got a hunch. My back got so bent that I was only as tall as an eight year old child.

X-ray scanning showed that one joint of the back bone got worn away. I was advised not to sit on the
floor, not to bend forward, not to climb stairs etc. I was advised to use a belt. Without the belt, I could not stand straight. because of my problem, my husband and my children were put to a tremendous trouble. While cooking I always used to wonder “ When will I get relief ? Will my sins ever be washed away ? Is this all that is there in my life ?" I used to feel very very miserable.

While I was in this state of health and mind, it so happened that Dr. Gopala Krishna opened the Meditation Health Clinic very near our shop. I went to the Clinic to learn about meditation and pyramid power.

I sat under a pyramid and meditated for ten minutes. I felt my soul rise high up and I got the feeling
that I was falling down. Most surprisingly, in the same session, I got completely rid of my backache ! I threw the belt away and walked as fast as I could… to tell my husband the Miraculous News ! I can never forget that day ! Since then, I feel so courageous and so confident in life.

This is a perfect miracle ! Meditation alone can work such miracles ! Later I walked and climbed the Tirupati Hills too. After I started meditation I got many astral experiences and significant dreams also.

Now, I am very calm. I have stopped meaningless conversations with unnecessary people. I have realized that any suffering is only of a short duration. 'I' does not mean the physical body. ‘I’ means a ‘soul’ and the soul never dies.

I do not form, any more, negative judgments on others. I make special endeavors to understand others. I
have started seeing all things with a spiritual outlook. Through the Health Science Lectures of our Dr. G.K., I have grown spiritually.

I got darshan of Gods like Vinayaka, Ishwar, Subrahmanya Swamy and many others. I saw Kamadhenu
and an elephant trumpeting and also the cosmic energy around me. I heard omkar. I saw the flow of blood in my body. I saw Lord Venkateswara and Lord Varaha merge in me in a dream.

This meditation can be practiced by all and I request everyone to do meditation and gain joy in all aspects… namely physical, mental and spiritual. I hope many more will become meditators after reading my experience.

15th March, 2003
Gayatri Devi


I have been suffering from severe backache problem for the past seven years. I took allopathic treatment. I got a scan done in 1997 which showed that the 4th and 5th discs have moved aside in the spinal cord. I was advised an operation which I did not undergo as I was very scared.

At that time I came for meditation when legs were almost paralyzed. After I started meditation, I got 90% relief from backache and now I am not using any medicines ! I have not consumed even a single tablet from the day I started meditation !

One day, on 29-10-2003, while taking counseling, Dr. GOPALA KRISHNA advised me to do meditation for 115 minutes along with him. While meditating, I felt a movement, a slight movement of the bone on the right side where I had the problem.

I have also experienced seeing my past lives during my meditation. I have meditated four to five hours a day. Dr. G.K helped me by analyzing my experiences and dreams. In spite of doing house hold duties, I have managed to get 90% relief.

I used to be very scared of meeting other or talking to strangers and I would burst into tears if one passes any remarks on me. Now I have the courage and confidence to face all sorts of people or any type of problem. All these positive changes happened only after I started meditation.

I saw many yogies in my experiences. I saw Lord Buddha walking towards me. Then I saw the "Poorna Kalasa“. I have experienced myself in the Himalayan Region, sleeping under a pyramid, made of marble. My body was very cold after this experience !

So, I request all of you to do meditation and gain good health.

8th March, 2004

--S. Kali Rao

I am 62 years old.

During the month of August 2003, I suffered from heart pain which lasted for two to three seconds only, but that suffering made a deep imprint in my mind.

I started thinking of the pain throughout the day which resulted in acute anxiety and fear. Gradually, I was so sick of my life that I have decided to kill myself.

One day, I left home with the intention to lie on the rail tracks… to commit suicide. Luckily, on the way, I saw the signboard 'Meditation Health Clinic'. I met Dr. Gopala Krishna and immediately learnt about meditation from him.

I have done meditation sincerely for four days as per his instructions. All the fear and anxiety vanished magically from my mind ! Besides, my B. P. also came under control and I stopped taking tablets.

Now I am totally dedicated to meditation. I teach meditation to others and make them practice meditation.

Once, I went to Hyderabad and read a book written by Shri Veda Vyas, namely “ Kadile Brahmam Nadiche Daivem ”, and there on went to Medchal, to a mosque and did meditation for an hour and got totally immersed in meditation. Thereafter, I visited the Hazrath Jaffer Baba Samadhi and meditated there for some time. Later, when I started meditation at 7p.m., at home, I saw Jaffer Baba coming into the room. He sat next to me and started meditation, I got extremely frightened, Jaffer Baba told me not to fear and to continue my meditation. He said " Allah will do good to you ". Half an hour later, Jaffer Baba told me that he was going and left the room. This is an experience that I can never forget.

I thank Dr. Gopala Krishna and the Meditation Health Clinic for transforming me into a meditator.

15th March,2004
Purushottama Puram
S. Kali Rao

--Shankara Rao

I am 54 years old.

I was suffering from various problems like backache, diabetes, gastritis, insomnia, general debility, excessive perspiration, piercing pain in my hands and feet and so on.

I could not do difficult jobs because of my backache which was a hindrance in my daily life. Each time I suffered from a severe backache, I had to take bed rest at least for a week. Then I used to take so many medicines for pain relief. I suffered with the problems for a period lasting eight years.

One fine morning, I heard about the 'Meditation Health Clinic'. I went to the Clinic at Vepagunta and met Dr. Gopala Krishna. I asked him whether meditation would cure me off my problems. Dr. G.K. assured me that I would get cured. He also told me that through meditation we can travel inwards and realize the God within us.

I started meditation immediately. To begin with, because of my backache, I could not sit steadily but I knew practice would make everything possible… so I continued patiently and I improved day by day. By reaching the thought-free empty mind state, I could feel receiving abundant cosmic energy.

I started getting amazing results soon. I learnt about the unlimited energy of every human being… through the Health Science Classes of Dr. G.K., reading of spiritual books and by sharing experiences with others. In just six months I got relieved totally of my backache. My diabetes came under control and all my other problems vanished. I became physically and mentally fit and got total peace of mind.

From then on I have been meditating regularly and have made meditation a part of my daily life. I also started teaching meditation to others.

I plead everyone to practice Anapanasati Meditation to obtain a peaceful and rich life.

15th March, 2004
Shankara Rao


" Law of Karma is the most important law, which a beginner in the field of Spiritual Science should at once understand ! Unless we understand The Law of Karma, we will never generate right and proper karma! "

* * *


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