Arthur E. Powell ... of the Theosophical Society ... has beautifully said the following:

" A physical body nourished on impure food will produce a correspondingly impure astral body, whilst a physical body fed on clean food and drink will help to purify the astral vehicle. "

" It is impossible to make the physical body coarse and at the same time to organize the astral and mental bodies for finer purposes ... neither is it possible to have a pure physical body with impure mental and astral bodies. All three bodies are thus inter-dependent. "

" Carnivorous diet is fatal to anything like real occult development, and those who adopt it are throwing serious and unnecessary difficulties in their own way, for flesh blood intensifies all the undesirable elements and passions of the lower planes. "

Rashmi Uday Singh wrote in " Times of India " the following:

" Medical studies prove that a vegetarian diet is easier to digest, provides a wider range of nutrients and imposes fewer burdens and impurities on the body. The vegetarian elephant and horse demolish any apprehension about veggies being mental or physical weaklings. Other muscular and intelligent animals ... the cow, giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros, the apes and more ... are vegetarians too. "

" In a large measure, the destruction of ancient rain forests, loss of top soils and the consequent increase of water impurities have all been traced to the single fact of creating pasture lands for livestock being reared for meat. Millions of animals are bred for meat production. If they were not bred and the vegetation was used to feed people, there would be no poverty in the world. "

" Law of Karma is the most important law, which a beginner in the field of Spiritual Science should at once understand ! Unless we understand The Law of Karma, we will never generate right and proper karma! "

* * *


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